Character Creation

The world of this game is similar to Eberron, where magic is common and used for many purposes like lighting, heating, some minor automation, etc. As described above Main Page in a little more detail. This being the case all item gained from equipment that create light are replaced with minor magical items that function exactly the same but never expire or need refueling, also they have activation words for on and off. Flint and steel is replaced with a magical lighter.

Though even with these magical enhanced cities over population has forced the governing bodies to create expansion decrees, where people are regularly selected to go beyond the empires borders to expand the empires influence. None of these volunteers are seen again, but then their not expected to come back though families often asked why no word was even hear from them. The governing bodies altered its targeted ‘volunteers’ to those that actually do volunteer and to those that wouldn’t be missed, whether this was because they took the whole family or they had none or they had separated from family to strike out on their own.

In this world Gnomes are revered for they were the ones to bring about this change in the world by creating almost all of the magical items. They have found a way to mass-produce cheap magic items faster then any other race. Given power and privilege to make them feel and think superior even if they have no magic talent themselves. Gnomes are never selected and only through great assessment could one get selected and even then only if they wanted to go and had limited magical talent. Gnomes must take the Noble background.

There exists a level of racism within the empire; the humanoid form is seen as the most superior. This means that any intelligent race that is not wholly humanoid is distrust and hated, even though close: Dragon-born, Half-orcs and Tieflings are allowed but treated as scum. They are generally not even considered for the expansion ‘volunteers’ but are instead dumped by a noble or from a prison or volunteer themselves. Classes are not freely given back story needed to explain some choices. Barbarian, Bard, Rogue and Warlock are most common classes the other classes are less likely. Regardless of class backgrounds are restricted to: Charlatan, Criminal, Entertainer, Hermit, Outlander and Urchin.


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