Mining for metals

Carrying capacity and limiting factors

The party having been chased away from the river found themselves surrounded and outnumbered but not directly noticed by the goblins. Fortunately the goblins really do not like moving much and were not the best of guards. A few carefully retracted steppes and the party escaped to the east side of the river. The river was more than a physical border, it appeared that the goblin were not even putting watches to guard from attackers that might cross it.

This gave the party more hope that keeping to the east of the river was a wise move, though their camp was easily visible from the other side they were not in danger from the goblins. The weather on the other hand was a danger and crossing the river had a strange effect on it. On the west side it was warmer with less winds and snow, but the east side was still getting colder and hasher.

After the success of their first day the party became more aggressive though starting with a smaller group they cleared the camp fast and thought a larger target would be doable. The larger camp was a little more difficult but still successful. Once more raising a few alarms but the goblins quickly gave up as the party fled too close to another large goblin camp.

As the party was collecting weapons, armour and ores they felt that they were getting to the limit of what they could carry. The leather armour being the heavy and bulky was the biggest burden, it was decided that they wouldn’t take any more and focus more on the weapons and ores.

The third day raiding and the party was finally getting into the swing of things, perhaps luck had played a part giving they a excellent advantage of terrain but tactics learn over the last two days certainly helps as the fought another large group and slaughtered them with barely a scratch. This fight drew the attention of the nearby main camp and gave the party little time to loot. But with the task of striping the armour off they didn’t need much time and minus the armour still collected everything and escaped. Using their animals they quickly left the goblins behind, a few goblins had gotten close enough to fire shots but they hit nothing.

A estimate of the items gained from this last fight meant the they could do two more of similar size before they hit their carrying limits. Time would tell if they had learnt a successful pattern of attack or if the party had merely been lucky in that last fight.


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