Goblin leaders and dark caves

Promise of a fate so grim

Stories of adventure and excitement fill the lodge, Mira talks of how she skilfully avoided the bandits and observed their fort until the stairs had fully iced over, and the party spoke of their experiences with the goblins and the winter wolfs. Mira added what she knew of the two, that the winter wolfs hunted in packs much like normal wolfs and that there was likely to be another three to six winter wolfs. Her knowledge wasn’t first hand though as she usually returned to the forest during winter and so have not personally encountered winter wolfs. On the goblins she did say that they responded organically, attacking a single area and you attract more powerful forces. Their reaction times can vary but always the shift is done during the day.

The party planning a renewed attack decided to move to a new location based on this information. Heading further north then before, near to one of the ruined towns. They decided against using the town itself as it would have no natural shelter or defenses. They would have to finds another cave when they got there.

Erky spend a day modifying one of the carts to have detachable sledges so that they could carry more stuff, he also made it so two horses could pull and thus further increasing how much they could carry. As a final addition he used some tents to create a canopy for the cart to ease the travel out.

The next day they set out and it was a near perfect day, a good start, but late that night a storm rolled in and lasted until late the next day. Wisely the party felt they should stay put and wait it out, they were in no rush. The next day was better light wind and some clouds, the familiar scout was successful in spotting a winter wolf stalking the plains. At the pace the party was moving it was three days away at least. There was a brief discussion on whether they would split up and try to rush the creature but since it hadn’t location them yet and it was in the path they were taking they thought to leave it until they got closer.

For two day they approached as the wolf patrolled around but only change to be north of their path. On the third day the familiar reported that the wolf had spotted it and had been watch it instead of patrolling. By midday the winter wolf had also spotted the party and disappeared now that it was actively trying to hide from the familiar. It was spotted every now and then but it was remaining at least a day ahead of the party, clearly it had no intention of attacking.

Now approaching their destination the party send the familiar out to find nearby caves, it reported four possible and the one chosen was under the hill the ruined village was on, next to the river and directly across from the goblins. When they arrived they found it was easily defensive and large enough for them to use. There was also a tunnel in the back that appeared to have collapsed, Gepav had a quick look and declared that it had now collapsed the rocks blocking it had been placed there. There where gaps around the rocks that a tiny creature could squeeze through but otherwise it was blocked, Lia used her wild shape ability to shape change and slowly worked her way through the rocks to find a long tunnel leading to a cavern with five more tunnels. She returned and suggested that they sent one of a familiar in to explore more.

Erky did this late that night, but before they lost the sun light they setup fortifications, having prepared many spikes back to the lodge they created a defensive row of spike and an angled path to enter the cave. The familiar returned in the morning as they were leaving, it reported a system of caves but all ended quickly. Only one tunnel had not been explored as it was full of water.

The party headed out to scout the goblin camps and found the here where some much larger camps, but with their conference and experiences from before they felt they could take such odds. And indeed as they attack a camp with over sixty goblins it seemed another easy victory. But one goblin with a red bandana took charge and began giving orders, organising and saving many goblin that would have otherwise been slaughtered.

The party had to disrupt this leader so a fog cloud was magically created around him but he orders and already created a greater defence then the party had expected. The party was winning but they were using more resources and taking more damage than they had expected. When the magically summon fog lifted from the goblin leader he saw that situation was hopeless and used another goblin to escape the spike trap around it. This cased a panic in the remaining goblin who all fled, most killing themselves on the spike trap not having the same mind as their leader to escape safely.

Those that remained where shot down before getting very far, none escaped. Fortunately the second camp they raided was far fewer with only twenty goblins and they didn’t put up much of a fight. The party then returned with a little more knowledge, the larger the group the more likely there would be another leader type goblin. As they return to the cave Erky remembered the images of the caves that he had seen through is familiar and had a feeling something was missing.


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